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How One Bad Crypto Investment Nearly Wiped Me Out — And Why I'm Grateful For It
I made a few common investing mistakes... Here's how you can avoid the same
I felt sick to my stomach. 

“Why isn't this going up? After all, it's obviously the next Bitcoin, right?” 

I had invested a lot of money into a new cryptocurrency, and the price was tanking.

The year was 2016. And although I had got my first Bitcoin years earlier, this was the time I first got serious about crypto investing. 

The only problem was, there was a ton of hype in the market — and I didn’t know how to deal with it. So I did the worst possible thing: 
Alex Fortin is an entrepreneur and crypto investor. 
He first got into Bitcoin in 2014. 

Since 2016, he has been writing about cryptocurrencies, interviewing some of the biggest investors in the cryptocurrency space, and sharing his insights about cryptocurrency investing. 

So far, close to a thousand people have been mentored by Alex about how to safely and smartly get started with crypto investing.
Whenever I'd hear of an exciting new project, I'd check the price charts, and if the price was going up, I would buy in
One such project was LBRY. They were supposed to be the iTunes of the blockchain, and projections where they would soon be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. I even interviewed their founder on my podcast. He was a super smart guy, with a great pedigree and a great team. 

I thought I couldn't lose. I thought this would be the next Bitcoin. So I sank my money — a lot of money for me at the time — into LBRY coin.    
Only, the price of LBRY coin didn't continue to go up. It didn't even plateau. Instead, it started to tank. 

It dropped from a high of $2.44 to $1.92

To $1.10. 

To $0.78. 
A 70% loss, in the space of a few days
Like I said, I genuinely felt sick to my stomach. I had invested a lot, and I didn't understand what was going on. It’s supposed to be the next Bitcoin, isn’t it?
The worst part was, I'd convinced myself this was a great opportunity to buy more. So I sank still more money in
During this time, I was checking the movements all day long, like a rat on a wheel.

I was so stressed and exhausted from watching my investments shrink that I could barely sleep. After all, I didn't want to wake up next morning to find my crypto investments had vanished overnight. 

And yet, the price still kept dropping, and dropping, and dropping. All the way down to two measly cents. 99% of value wiped out.

Fortunately, I sold off my LBRY coins before they hit absolute bottom. I figured I had lots enough money and I saved myself from complete ruin.   

Still, this was a costly mistake that screwed me a lot. But at least it taught me one important lesson: 
I needed to get informed about investing if I was going to make crypto work for me
And as crazy as it might sound, I’m grateful that I made my investing mistakes back then. My brush with disaster forced me to figure out what I didn’t know about the business of investing, and it helped me make much smarter — and more profitable decisions — since then.  

You see, the current situation with crypto is very much like the dot-com bubble of the 1990s. Yes, there are great investment opportunities. But there's also a lot of hype, a lot of volatility, and a lot of new projects popping up each day.  

The thing is, when the dot-com crash happened, it mostly affected people who were fairly well off, because not everybody could invest back then.  

However, there's no barrier to entry any more. Anyone can invest in crypto today. 
If you're just barely making it, and you make a terrible crypto investment, you might be left with absolutely nothing
Unfortunately, many people who are getting into crypto today are in the same position I was in a few years ago. They don't realize what they don't know about investing. And they wrongly believe that crypto is a bet that they cannot lose.

Like I told you, I got burned badly enough to realize this is NOT true. So I started digging into what successful investors have been doing for the past 100 years, and seeing how I could apply their knowledge and strategies to this new asset, crypto.

I quickly realized that much of what I thought about investing was flat-out wrong. Let me give you a couple of examples:
Mistake #1: Buy low, sell high 
You've probably heard of Warren Buffett, widely considered the best investor of all time. 

The thing is, the whole aura around Warren Buffet can be traced to four or five companies, such as Geico and Coca Cola, that he bought and held for a long time.

This has direct applications to crypto. 

You see, one thing that I've learned from mega-billionaires like Warren Buffett is, when you buy something, and it goes higher in value, you don't sell it. Instead, you hold on to it, because that's your winner, an investment that will give you the best returns in the long term. 

What about "buying low"? 

It’s also poor advice. The fact is, it's impossible to know if the price is actually low or high by looking at a price chart. Just because the price was higher in the past doesn't tell you anything about the future. 

If you want a brutal example, just consider my story about LBRY, and the way the price kept on crashing — even after I convinced myself it was a great time to buy more.  

Not that I’m saying you should look to sell whenever the price drops. Let me explain why, with a second valuable lesson I've learned from other successful investors:
Mistake #2: Selling on bad news
A lot of people ask themselves if they should sell when an unfavorable event pops up.

The price drops. The company faces a problem. The market heads south. 

What would you do in these situations? 

Well, another valuable lesson I've learned from one of the giants of investing, Peter Lynch, is to write down the story of why I'm buying — before I buy something. 

In other words, for each of my potential crypto investments, I sit down and list the reasons why I believe a company will make a good investment for the long term
Later on, if I consider selling this particular cryptocurrency, I go back to my story and ask myself, "Did the story change?"
Is there any fundamental factor that changed? Has a major flaw appeared in the code? Did one of the top developers leave?

If the story did change, I should reconsider my investment in this cryptocurrency. If it did not, I can continue to hold the coin, and set my mind at ease. 

This is what I advise you to do as well. Sit down and consider the idea behind the project, the demand in the market, the team that's involved. Write down a story of where you expect this project to go. And only then make your decision whether to buy or not.  

Now of course, this requires some work, research, clear thinking, and intuition. You can master all this in time. But I want to help you master it faster. And that's why I'm now sharing a free presentation called:

“The Top 3 Crypto Investment Opportunities for Q4 of 2018”
This free presentation is my best analysis of what will make money in crypto in the coming 3 months. It explains what I will personally be investing in during this time. It gives my thoughts on Bitcoin, on other established coins that might be making a move, as well as on new cryptocurrencies that might be taking off. 

If you're looking for advice on where to invest right now, you'll want to watch this presentation. And if you want to see how a successful crypto investor reasons about his investments, you'll want to watch this as well. 

As I said, I'm offering this presentation free. All you have to do is give my Millionaire Knowledge program a try. 

You see, for a while, I've been teaching a course, called Crypto Investing Pro, about the basics of buying, selling, and holding crypto.
So far, close to a thousand people have used this course to learn how to safely and smartly get started with crypto investing
But just like me, many of these folks were looking for additional information on how to optimize their crypto investment strategies for the long term.

And that's why I've decided to share what I've learned (and continue to learn) about crypto investing on an ongoing basis with anyone who is interested.

That's what the Millionaire Knowledge is all about. It consists of two parts:
Crypto Investing Pro
First, once a month, I share a market update. This is where I look at what the major cryptocurrencies have been doing, and I explain where I believe they are headed. I also point out top upcoming crypto projects that are worth taking a look at.

Second, once a month, I go over the main ideas, insights, and strategies covered in various classic investing books. This is the kind of information that has helped me become a success at crypto investing, and that you too can use to become a master crypto investor. A few of the books I've covered recently include:
  • The Clash Of The Cultures: Investing Vs. Speculating, by John C. Bogle
  • The Intelligent Investor, by Benjamin Graham
  •  Contrarian Investment Strategies, by David Dremen
  •  One Up On Wall Street, by Peter Lynch
  •  Poor Charlie Almanac, The Wit And Wisdom Of Charlie Munger
  •  Common Stocks And Uncommon Profits, by Philip A. Fisher
  •  The Alchemy Of Finance, by George Soros
  •  and more...
Each of these books contains pearls of wisdom from some of the most successful investors of the past century. And in these bi-weekly summaries, I show you exactly how to apply their investing strategies to cryptocurrencies. 
One important point before we go any further: 
Millionaire Knowledge is NOT right for everybody
First off, Millionaire Knowledge doesn't cover the technical basics of crypto investing, such as how to get your money onto an exchange, how to place orders, and how to secure your crypto when you buy it.

Instead, you can find this information inside my course Crypto Investing Pro, which covers all of this — and much, much more. If you don't yet feel confident about the technical aspects of buying, selling, and holding cryptocurrencies, I advise you to give this course a look first.

Second, Millionaire Knowledge is not right for people who want to turn $1 into $1 million by next week.

It's certainly possible you'll make very profitable investments quickly by using the information you'll find today inside Millionaire Knowledge. However, I'm not promising to make you into a crypto millionaire overnight.
In other words, Millionaire Knowledge is only for people who are looking to become confident and savvy investors, and who want to build wealth for the long term
If you feel like that's you, then here's the bottom line:

For $97 a month, you can subscribe now to Millionaire Knowledge. You will then get immediate access to the Millionaire Knowledge members area. 

This is where you will find the special free presentation on The Top 3 Crypto Investing Opportunities for Q4 of 2018, which will give you an in-depth analysis of the crypto market right now, and show you what I am currently doing with my investments. 

It's also where you will find a new market update video each month, as well as the two new video summaries of top investing books, one per month. Finally, this is where you can access the vault of all the previous investment book summaries and market update I've made so far. 

If you do subscribe to Millionaire Knowledge, there's no commitment or ongoing obligation. You can cancel your subscription at any point, simply by sending me an email, and I will immediately stop any future charges on your card.  

Even if you do decide to cancel, the special free presentation on The Top 3 Crypto Investing Opportunities for Q4 of 2018 is yours to keep, as my thanks for giving Millionaire Knowledge a try.
So the final question to ask yourself is, how serious are you about crypto investing?
If you're not yet making the kinds of crypto deals where proven investing advice can help you make — or save — much more than $97 each month, then simply don't subscribe. 

However, if you're planning to put a sizable amount of your hard-earned money into crypto... 

If you want to avoid the kinds of mistakes, stress, and financial losses that I went through before I discovered the smart way to invest... 

And if you want to build real wealth for the long term by investing in this new asset... 

Then you might want to give Millionaire Knowledge a try.

You can get started right now. 

Simply click the big button below, fill out the form that appears, and sign up for your first month of Millionaire Knowledge. Your access to the Millionaire Knowledge membership area will become active immediately after you complete this process. 

I look forward to seeing you on the inside, 

Alex Fortin
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