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Are You A New Crypto Investor Who Is Looking To Invest 5 Figures, 6 Figures, Or More?
Here’s how to avoid any and all mistakes along the way — with personalized, one-on-one guidance by a crypto investing pro
If you're looking to invest big money into cryptocurrencies — 5 figures, 6 figures, or more — then the information that follows might be of great value to you. 

That’s because when it comes to crypto, any mistake can be dangerous or even irreversible. And when you’re investing big money, this can translate into big losses.

Fortunately, there’s a way to have complete assurance that you’re doing the right thing at every step of your crypto investing journey, with a one-on-one coaching program I am currently offering.

Let me illustrate exactly what this program is all about, with a story of one of the first people I coached in this way, a man I’ll call Mike. 

Mike is a member of a mastermind group I am also a part of. Whenever I talk about Bitcoin with other entrepreneurs in this group, they get excited and they usually wind up investing in cryptocurrencies. Or at least, they wind up wanting to invest.

You see, when the stakes get higher, buying crypto safely is not always straightforward or simple
This was the situation in Mike’s case. He realized that crypto was a great opportunity, and he became determined to get in on it. What's more, he wanted to invest a sizable amount — a few hundred thousand dollars. 
The thing is, he was uncertain about how to proceed, particularly because he had some unique hurdles to overcome. 

For one, he couldn’t simply whip out his debit card and click a few buttons to buy Bitcoin. His money was in an offshore account, and not all exchanges would accept transfers from his bank.

Of course, some exchanges were offering to take Mike’s money. But he couldn't know which ones were trustworthy, and he didn't want to put his money into the next Mt. Gox. 

There was a second issue. This was all happening back when the price of Bitcoin had just crossed $1200 and was rising quickly.
Since the price kept going up, he kept asking himself, "Should I buy now, or should I wait?" 
He was doubting himself and trying to time the market, because he had some information that it might go down soon. This uncertainty stressed him out, and was making it hard for him to make a decision. 

And finally, just like any investor, Mike wanted to make sure he was doing the right thing. He was dealing with a lot of money, and he didn't want to miss any small details, didn’t want to get sucked in by a scam, and didn’t want to make any rookie technical mistakes.

So Mike got in contact with me, and asked me for help 
You see, I’ve been investing in crypto since 2014. At first, I invested small amounts. As I became more successful, and as crypto became a bigger and bigger part of my overall portfolio, the money I started to put in became bigger and bigger. 

As my interest in crypto investing grew, I shared much of what I learned online, through articles, podcasts, as well as courses that teach the essence of crypto investing — both the technical aspects of it as well as investing strategy. 

Mike knew all of this about me, and that’s why he asked me to help him invest in crypto. I agreed. For several weeks in a row, we set up one-on-one calls, and I guided him through the entire process. 

Right at the start, I answered all his upfront questions about the technical side of crypto investing. We then made a plan for what he needed to do. And then we worked together to carry this plan out. 

First off, I proposed a few exchanges that I knew to be reliable and useful for the kind of situation he was in. And although the transfer process took a while, it went through without a hitch.

I also made sure that he wasn't waiting around for a temporary dip in the market. You see, one thing I've learned from master investors is that it's impossible to predict the market (I'll tell you more about this in a bit). The best you can do is to look at the fundamentals of an investment, and use that to guide your decisions.

In Mike’s case, this advice was just what he needed
Thanks to the crypto exchange I recommended to him, he was able to buy his Bitcoin safely and at a fair price. Thanks to my advice about not trying to time the market, he bought in immediately, before the price shot up many times over. And thanks to the technical advice I gave him, his crypto investment is backed up properly and safe for the long term.
In short, he was able to invest a large amount in crypto, without any stress, without any uncertainty, and without committing any mistakes
It ended up being a very good investment for him, and today he’s a very happy camper. 

After this first round of coaching, I realized that this kind of one-on-one advice and guidance could be valuable for other crypto investors who are putting in larger sums of money. And that’s exactly what I am offering right now. 
Here are some details so you can figure out if this program is right for you
The coaching I offer consists of 4 one-hour sessions, done over the phone or on Skype, scheduled and spaced out however you like. 

During these session, I'll answer all your questions about crypto investing and guide you through the entire process. The information I'll share with you will take away any uncertainty about how you should proceed, and reassure you that you are actually doing the right thing at each step of the way.

At the end of these four hours, you'll have perfectly executed all the technical stuff of investing in crypto — such as backing up your wallet properly and choosing the right exchange for your case. We'll also sort out your investment strategy so you don't get sucked in by any hype, FUD, or bad news. And of course, you'll get answers to any and every question you might have along the way.

But I’m not just about theory… I put my money where my mouth is, and I have 100% of my assets invested in cryptocurrencies. So you know I have massive skin in this game.

I believe that Cryptocurrency will have an impact on the same order of magnitude as the internet. 

And I’ve taken the hours of studying, trading, and profiting off of cryptocurrency and created my course… 
Crypto Investing Pro
Please note: There’s a good chance you do NOT need this coaching program
You see, the information and guidance I share within these coaching sessions is available in two programs I already offer online.

The first of these, Crypto Investing Pro, handles the technical aspects of buying, selling, and holding crypto securely, in a series of detailed videos. So far, close to a thousand people have used this course to learn how to safely and smartly get started with crypto investing.

The second source of information that I already offer is a monthly membership training, called Millionaire Knowledge. This is where I review and summarize investing advice from some of the greatest investors of the past 100 years, and figure out how to best apply that wisdom to the current crypto market. (For example, this is where I explain why the best investors believe you cannot predict the market — and why trying to do so is likely to cost you in the long run.)

In other words, if you want to start off slow and master the process of investing in crypto over time, you definitely can, using just the information that I already make available in Crypto Investor Pro and Millionnaire Knowledge. I don't hold anything back in these courses.
And yet, some new crypto investors still come to me for one-on-one coaching
Why might you consider doing the same?

The only reason is that you're looking for guidance when investing a large sum of money. That's when any mistake, however trivial, can have huge consequences. It’s also when the stress of trying to invest can cause you endless worry, or even worse, can paralyze you from acting and investing at all. 

If that's the situation you're in, then this personalized, one-on-one coaching and guidance with me might make sense. I will walk you through everything, including any particular or unique situations you might have. I will also help you set your mind at ease. And I will make sure you don't make any mistakes of any kind along the way.

If you're interested in this one-on-one coaching with me, then here's the bottom line
The entire coaching program costs $997. As I mentioned earlier, this includes 4 one-hour sessions, one each week, conducted over the phone or on Skype. It also includes ongoing email support. 

In my experience with past clients, I've found that this is the right amount of time and guidance to get new investors completely on board with crypto, and to help them make their initial investment in a smart and secure way. 

If this is something you would benefit from, then simply click the big button below and fill out the form that appears. This form will allow you to make the payment for the coaching, as well as to specify a range of times when you're available to get on the coaching calls. Within 24 hours of receiving confirmation of your payment, I'll get back to you with specific times for each of the calls.
Again, this offer only makes sense for you if you are looking to invest a large sum of money into crypto — and if you want to avoid mistakes that could cost you much, much more than I'm charging for this coaching
If you're still on the fence whether this really applies to your situation, simply ask yourself two questions:

How will you go through each of step of investing your money into crypto?

How will you personally and financially be affected if something goes wrong?

If you have good answers to these questions — if you have a clear plan for how to invest, and if you can absorb any mistakes that might occur — then you have no need for my coaching.

However, if you’re at all uncertain about the process of crypto investing, or if all mistakes are completely unacceptable to you, then my coaching program might be just what you need.

In that case, simply click the button below and follow the instructions that will appear.

From that point on, I will personally guide you and sure your investment is smart, secure, and makes financial sense for the long term. 

Alex Fortin

30 Day No Questions Asked Guarantee!
Will this course make me rich?

The answer is… it depends! I’m not going to promise you results. What I AM going to promise is to equip you with all of the knowledge, tools, and techniques that you can use to go out and achieve the results you’re looking for when investing in cryptocurrency.

I know next to nothing about cryptocurrency. Is this course for me?

Absolutely! I’m going to start from the ground up and teach you all of the basics, history, and knowledge before we move into practical application.

ZERO cryptocurrency experience is required for this course.

How much money do I need to invest?

You can literally begin with only a few dollars or even a few cents if you prefer and grow your investment over time. The fantastic thing about cryptocurrency investing is that financial barrier to entry is very low.

[See example from above where $500 would have netted you $40.5MM]

The most important thing is that you actually GET STARTED!

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes! If you’re not 110% satisfied with this course, send an email to and I’ll provide you a refund with no questions asked.